Lila Cordelia


Reservations Concierge Service


Many of our Lifestyle Managers are restaurant connoisseurs who have a genuine passion for fine dining and exquisite experiences. They attend grand openings, review meals and relay presentations to respective members. Lila Cordelia maintain good relationships with the world’s most elegant restaurants; many of which are Michelin starred. 

With new restaurants and bars opening each week, it can be difficult to decide which to attend, so we tailor reservations to our members expectations and interests and provide them with all the information they need prior to their attendance to ensure their requirements are met as part of our exclusive Restaurant Concierge Service.

Lila Cordelia provide a vast range of reservation services to members who require priority tables, reservations to sold out venues, or members who simply prefer to have their lifestyle manager make arrangements on their behalf. All you have to do is turn up, leave our Restaurant Concierge Service to do the rest!

There’s no need to revisit your favourite bar, club or hotel because you’re too nervous to try something new. You can explore a collection of destinations which offer something unique via our reservation service. We have introduced members to numerous unique settings such as reserving a spot at the picturesque Gleneagles hotel in Scotland, or an exclusive table to wine and dine at one of the gorgeous seafront restaurants in Saint-Tropez, watching the setting sun as it dips below the beautiful ocean waves. If this doesn’t appeal to you, perhaps the unique and mesmerising Itha Undersea Restaurant, the impressive Grand Penthouse at The Mark, or the quaint Silencio in Paris would be more your thing. All of this is part of our specialty and a testament to our commitment in finding the best spots that provide our clients with unique experiences.

Our personal concierge managers offer free advice on local courses as well and rest assured our personal restaurant concierge services has you covered in case you are looking for a special table setting for two on date night, lunch with your co-worker or team, or a night out with your friends, as well as a large group booking for birthday and wedding occasions.

With our passion for hospitality, we take pride in bringing people together. Providing them world class personal concierge services.  

Contact us and let us arrange your Reservations for you.