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Errand Service

Errand Service

Errand Running Company

We understand that life’s hectic schedule often leaves little time to complete personal tasks, which is why we created a reliable and professional Errand Running Service. Whether you'd like us to pick up your dry cleaning, take packages to the post office, pick up prescriptions, or do your shopping, our Errand Running Service will save you time, leaving you free to concentrate on the important things in life.


Lila Cordelia is a well-established and reputable concierge business which provides clients with the option to delegate specific tasks to professional errand runners. We power through to-do lists and take care of mundane tasks so our clients can focus on their top priorities. Our service is fast, efficient and completely reliable, and we trust that we will have a positive impact in your life; relieving stress and enhancing your productivity.

Our team of vetted, London-based errand runners are on hand to assist with your requests; irrespective of its size or complexity. Lila Cordelia’s errand runners are professional, reliable and trustworthy, with friendly dispositions and ‘can-do’ attitudes. Whether you require an errand runner on an ad hoc or ongoing basis for yourself, staff or clients, Lila Cordelia will be happy to be of service.


Simply place a request and name the day and time you'd like the task complete and a professional errand runner will contact you to discuss your requirements. You’ll then receive an invoice instructing you to pay our booking fee, which is deductible from your outstanding balance.

Errand Running Services For Your Business

Businesses are faced with new tasks each day; and while some may not be complex or time consuming, the volume of assignments to complete can become overwhelming. This is why our Errand Running Service has become immeasurably valuable to our clients, with more and more businesses outsourcing tasks to our errand running company so they can focus on their key objectives while staying on top of other demands. Select staff can now enjoy a working day free from distractive personal tasks as Lila Cordelia help deliver a vast range of errand running services. By delegating everyday tasks to personal errand runners employees can concentrate on using their core expertise to maintain and grow the business while we do the rest.

Personal Errand Services

After spending the majority of your time at work, being inundated with personal errands in your free time is not ideal. Why not pass those annoying, time consuming tasks to us so you can use your free time to relax and do the things you love? Our most popular errand running services are, but not limited to: collecting and dropping off dry cleaning, returning post and collecting parcels, grocery shopping and personal shopping. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

Why Choose Us?

  • You’ll have your very own vetted professional errand runner at your disposal

  • You’ll have great flexibility to send requests as and when you please

  • You’ll pay by hour so there’s no commitment

  • There are no joining or membership fees

  • Most errands are completed on the same day

Our promise to you

No matter which of our errand running services you make use of, our promise to you is based upon commitment, trust and genuine care. We will always include the same attention to detail and quality whilst completing your tasks.