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Professional Personal Assistance


In today’s fast-paced world, time has become one of our greatest luxuries; which is why we have made it our mission to hand some valuable free time back to our clients, so they can enjoy more of the things they love. We’ve handpicked some of the best Lifestyle Managers in the world; professionals equipped with vast experience, academic excellence, and the right mental aptitude to be an invaluable service provider. 

Lifestyle Managers are service professionals who assist with the running of business tasks, personal jobs, and individual ad hoc requests. Clients typically offload time-consuming tasks to our professionals in order to free themselves of tasks they’d rather delegate, or those better suited to an expert. Depending on your request, your dedicated Lifestyle Manager will either operate in your house, remotely, or in your office.

What IS a lifestyle manager?

The main advantage of hiring a Lifestyle Manager over a Personal Assistant is their level of experience, their access to team support and their specialised expertise. Your dedicated Lifestyle Manager will have the same experience and skillset as a Personal Assistant, as many of them spent decades serving as Celebrity PAs, Secretaries and Executive Assistants, however, Lifestyle Managers can also make use of our network of support staff, our contacts and our connections to the world’s best service providers.

Many Lifestyle Managers have acquired vast experience in specialised areas, e.g. property management, event management, travel consulting and so much more, thus we can match our clients to lifestyle mangers who will be most useful to them. A property developer may require general personal assistance, but s/he may benefit from a Lifestyle Manager who specialises in property management, for example.

Your dedicated Lifestyle Manager’s will take the time to listen to each and every personal requirement, and complete tasks as requested; working with you or independently to create plans of action before going the extra mile to make them a reality.


Every placement is unique because the need for personal assistance varies for each individual. For one client, their Lifestyle Manager could help mainly with business admin, while also assisting with booking travel and restaurants. For another, their Lifestyle Manager might pay and track household bills, run errands, and be the gatekeeper between clients, contractors and personnel; it simply depends on the client and their requests.

Some of the world class Lifestyle Management Services we offer include: securing priority restaurant reservations, booking dream holidays, planning business trips, sourcing exclusive tickets, running errands,  managing your property portfolio, drafting email correspondence, conducting research, scheduling appointments, planning your dream wedding, arranging your house move, sourcing a rare piece of art, and much more!


The recruitment process is simple – we are here to take away the stress of a time consuming and sometimes fraught independent search. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements so we can learn exactly what you’re looking for then we’ll introduce you to ideal candidates. Following your free consultation, we will email shortlisted CVs to you so you can select the most fitting for an interview. Should you wish to proceed, we will then formalise an agreement, confirming start-dates, hours and monthly payments.

Our promise to you

Lifestyle Managers operate independently or collaboratively when necessary and this Lifestyle Management Service is strictly confidential, with NDAs signed upon request.